Street musicians in La Paz, Bolivia!

An Argentinian and a Chilean travelling through South America earning money by their music. Their music spiced our food in a little restaurant in one of the back streets of La Paz.

While Bolivia’s population has grown rapidly from 8.2 million in 2001 to just over 11 million in 2018 is La Paz the highest administrative capital in the world, at more than 3,500m above sea level.
As the Guardian says: “There are few cities with such an extraordinary setting as lofty La Paz. At 3,640 metres above sea level, Bolivia’s de facto capital has serious altitude. Fly in and you’ll see the pancake-flat Altiplano (high plain) fall into a steep-sided bowl lined with a maze of adobe and red-brick buildings, which mix with modern skyscrapers at the base. And towering above it all is the jagged, glacier-topped Cordillera Real.”

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