Huchuy Qosco, a different blog post

I love hiking. The other day, I hiked on a winding road from Calca to Huchuy Cusco, in the Sacred Valley of Peru. There are two ways to get to these ancient ruins, either from the villages of Calca or  Lamay. I chose the car road from the Calca side, which can be seen on the mountain. It is definitely the longest way up,  but you have the company of the sacred mountain Apupitusiray all the way up and the view is completely indescribable. On my way back, I took the shortest path back to the village of Lamay, as I was completely worn out. The view from this side is not as spectacular as the one from the road up from Calca. Here is a little taste from the trip to Huchuy Cusco, which means little Cusco.