Muddy dance floor, sunny disco light, and windy music

Enjoy Ya Hawa, Escape plan by Thornato ( feat Karenbe & El Buho ) that I edited later to our dance video.

“How would life be without challenges? ” That was the question I asked myself, cycling down towards the city the other day. Since I no longer live in the city center, getting down to the town requires scheduling, but the sunny Saturday had brought a personal invitation, and I was determined. It was my good old faithful friend who was going to get me down to town, my bicycle. I was going to bicycle down to the city, even though it would take me over an hour uphill biking on the way back.

Cycling downhill at full speed, bathing in the sun with wind blowing in my face, it was the same question preoccupying my mind.

–   What would my life be like if I did not challenge myself?? 

It was no coincidence that that very question occupied me. With music on my ears and sizzling speed, rolling downhill, I imagined myself on a stage. And the thought of standing on a stage, in my power, suddenly shed a whole new light on dancers and actors. It takes strength to be vulnerable and dare to stand on a stage and play different roles or dance, for that matter. Being an actor or dancer cannot be easy. That was my sudden conclusion.

And yes, why was I so occupied with all those thoughts? I was going to dance in the park, for the first time in my life. No, of course, I was not going to entertain anyone, only dancing outside. I have for many years danced dance 5rythms. As happy as I am in movement, dancing has been my sacred time.

It has given me joy, pleasure, and usually access to a deeper part of myself, which can be anything from landing in my body or having more significant revelations. But I have always danced in a room with many others who have shared the same interest in dancing. This time, I would be dancing in the middle of a city park, with no walls around and people passing by. And have this in mind, I live in a country where dancing is not such a usual activity unless at parties when people are drunk.

And why were we going to dance outside? Yes, I can thank corona for that. And not least, our solution-oriented dance teacher Hege Gabrielsen who came up with the idea. “If we could not dance inside, we make the park our dance hall. Either with music on our ears or the sound of the surroundings as our music.

I danced out in the park for the very first time and quickly disappeared in the movements, with the sun in my face, and the wind blowing in my hair, and the city’s passers-by as our spectators. Whether it was me who created the movements or the movements that pulled me, I have no idea. But one thing is for sure, what I had seen as a big challenge was a surprisingly wonderful experience. Dancing on the muddy dance floor required for sure extra balance and was a cold and wet experience for my feet, but it was worth it, And I’m so glad I did not give in to fear and forced myself out of the comfort zone because fear can take over the entire show and makes us believe in it. Of course, fear plays an essential role in the evolution of our survival as a species, but it is not always about survival, literally. Fear can, many times, keeps us from living fully and completely. I conquered the fear, at least for this time. And next time, when I meet that bloody bastard😏 again, I can recall this memory and use it as my anchor.

By the way, I think our dance in the park yesterday was a kind of peacefull movement. And how did passers-by react? Many wondered what we were doing; they stopped and watched us. Many filmed us, and some even dared to move closer and ask, what were we doing? Some even joined us. Who knows, maybe we can let dancing become a peace movement that spreads all around the world?
“Put your mind in your feet and your body in the beat” “To get to your own two feet you have to go through a lot of wilderness. ” as Gabriella Roth use to say. Gabrielle Roth was the founder of Dance5rythms.

And what about you? Do you dare to take the challenge? Bring your friends to the park and dance outside, and spread dancing as a movement? Or do you have other experiences from when you refused to listen to your fear, challenged yourself, and moved out of your comfort zone? I would love to read it, so please share your experience.

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