An adventurous journey through an unknown landscape

Music: Flesh for Fantasy by Billy Idol

Let’s be child-like! Imagine you are standing somewhere out in nature. (I have attached some inspirational pictures, or be wild and bold; use your imagination.) And there you meet Santa Claus, and he says:
“This year my gift to you is my super power. I have a mission to help you fulfilling your biggest desire & dream or vision. I can take you to wherever you want to be. It can be a physical place, a goal you want to achieve, or help you with your inner state of mind and feelings, but you must pass through an unknown landscape to get where you want to be. It is exactly like life, an adventurous journey with all sorts of ups and downs. Your superpower during this journey will be your Self-Awareness. Awareness of your emotional strengths, as well as your shadowy sides and acceptance of both these sides, will help create the balance needed during this wandering.”
Where do you want to be taken to?
What are your emotional strengths? What are your shadowy sides?
I love reading it if you are willing to share it openly here.

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