Inspiration, creation, intention, and aspiration

The first photo, “the infinity mirror,” was taken under Yayoi Kusama‘s exhibition in Oslo. She is a Japanese artist worth exploring.

Music: Socca, Ecuador Manta, Alegrando el Alma

Today is the “tion” day. Since I chose Inspiration, creation, intention, and aspiration as the title of this blog post, and they all have “tion” as an ending, I take it one step farther and play with “tion.”

T for Transformation
I for Inspiration
O for Omnipotent
N for Necessary

And yes, I also played with the Prisma photo app that twisted all my original photos, and it again reminded me of color’s importance and delicacy in everyday life. Maybe as a kind of metaphor for life. How do we twist life? Do we look at life or situations in black and white, or do we see the colour shades in between? And which colours make life more exciting?

By the way, I have now updated this week’s vibration after a long time. I hope you like the music I shared, and it brings you a little inspiration for what you have ahead of you or whatever you need for your day.

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