Grey-haired, toothless and grateful

Today, while I was washing dishes in cold water, my thoughts took me time traveling. How was life back in time when good health or hygiene was not to take for granted?

It all started some weeks back on a Saturday. That morning, our toilet got stuck. Unexpected and unforeseen. A real nightmare. To fix a blocked toilet on the weekend in Norway costs a lot.

Sure, I could blame it on the corona. All the world’s shit had ended up in our bathroom. Would it help? As you understand, well….

That day, through the book of faces, I got someone who helped us for a reasonable price. Thanks to Kaivan, who got me in touch with that plumber.

Some weeks later, I broke my tooth while I was walking out in forest. Do not ask me how. This time I blamed it on hunger. And the story goes on.

Yesterday, on my first day back to work (as a substitute teacher), while playing soccer with the kids, I managed to do something nasty to my foot.

When I finally got home, looking forward to taking a hot shower, I discovered that the hot water tank in our entire yard had broken. How could it be possible? And what was going to be next?

Today while I took a cold shower and later was washing the dishes in cold water, I went back in time. How was life decades ago?
I could have been a toothless grey-haired woman in old times. At that time, no hygiene and cold water had most probably been my everyday life. All these thoughts took me to the room of gratitude.

I am, after all, lucky and very fortunate. Yes, I am grey-haired, and I consider it a mark of being matured. I lack a tooth, but fortunately, it is not the front one, and today has been an icy experience on all levels, but I am still alive, and everything is totally fine. It could have been so much worse—it is all a matter of perspective, or?

And today, on Saturday, I have had an excellent family day. Time with my son, my cousin, and her boyfriend Tim. Tim is also the one who reminded me of this charming old song by Amadou and Mariam. A blind musician couple from Mali. I love their music. I hope you enjoy them too. 

By the way, what are you grateful for? I am looking forward to reading your response.