A conversation about Sex, Salvador Dali and Death

– When I was 70, I thought I was rather clever. I could talk about Sex, Art, and what was the third one again?

– Death, answers Sacha Stone, a former rock musician, and artist who grew up in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe throughout the war for independence. 

– When I was 80, I thought I was even cleverer; I could give lectures about these three things. And now that I am 90, I realize I know so much. I know fuck all……..

It is how it starts, a conversation between Sacha Stone and Gillian Marais. They could not have chosen a better place as a scenery for their talk. Under an umbrella in the corner of a garden in Bali. An exchange about Sex, Art, and Death.

And how did I find these videos? I have to thank Merrilyn Helliwell for that. A dear friend whom I got to know during my Sacred Valley trip in Peru.

By the way, there is something beautiful about getting older, no? Contrary to how the western world regards aging. Getting old brings along maturity, and with that, we become more wise and free. I assume it happens if we embrace ourselves and life fully. And if you enjoyed the first part, here is a second one. Enjoy!

If it is difficult to understand the talk, there is a texting function you can turn on.