Welcome to my blog

 Welcome to People Life Politics And Bullshit!

A blog on people, everyday LIFE, philosophy, politics and all the bullshit we have to deal with but not necessarily like!

The incredible, mysterious and surrealistic essence that we call life and all its aspects have always interested me. Yes, everything between heaven and earth.

By creating this room, let’s call it a lense of exchange, I want to put together a blissful blend of everything that has to do with LIFE. Through written words, pictures and videos, I will share my experiences, others’ way of being and seeing life, and small moments that are worth sharing and which makes life worth living.

For me, it is tantalizing to hear what triggers people to move forward in life and implies their decisions. How some live and breathe for creativity while others drown their sorrows in a pint of beer, even finding passion in it. Some are natural-born philosophers and even a little flower inspires them. Others prefer talking bullshit and get a headache hearing the word philosophy. We, humans, are amazing and amusing. Just give it a second and reflect on how few of us mobilize it all and make it to the White House. Most of us will be forgotten by the time we are dead and will not even be mentioned in history books. And have you ever thought about who pulls the wheels of society forward? And would the governments exist or there be the White House if there were no people?

Who am I? 

My name is Parisa. A wild gypsy woman as I call myself. I was born in Iran, moved to Norway at the age of 14. Today, I am at the end of my 40s. My biggest gift in life is curiosity and a sense of wonder.

I have always been fascinated by people, their stories, us being a part of the history and the mechanism behind history repeating itself. How generation after generation can walk through the same path with or without awareness. We keep repeating, doing the same things over and over again, many times without thinking or even asking why? Is what we call culture the same as collective consciousness/unconsciousness?

Do I consider my self as an Iranian or Norwegian? I speak different languages, my hair is dark, my skin is brown, and I feel gypsy at heart. A fortunate gypsy who has a passport with a red cover which allows me to travel everywhere in the world.

Since the political situation in Iran forced us to move abroad, and have formed my background and affected my life, I am not able to associate my identity with neither a country nor the family in the same way as most people do. I experience myself as a gypsy who is engaged in political issues and how these matters affect living in different societies and our lives as humans. Politic for me is caring about other human beings and equality. Completely different from how politics is practised in reality out there.

Who are you? 

What in life amuses you or gives you a tickling sensation? What moves you on? What drowns you? Are you an explorer or someone who enjoys life through the lenses of observation? Have you preserved your childish curiosity? Or adult life’s seriousness has taken over every inch of your life?

Anyhow, I hope my creative room (this blog /vlog ) and all the voices I bring in it will give you a moment of inspiration, joy or maybe even some new reflections.

By the way, since I want to reach as many people as possible and have neither Norwegian nor English as my native language, I have chosen to shape the Norwegian room. In that, I will publish articles in Norwegian, but I will also try to translate them into English and maybe sometimes it will only be in English without Norwegian translation.

PS. I have suddenly realized how much work it is to do a blog/vlog and so much fun. (If you ever consider forming one )