Welcome to People Life Politics And Bullshit

A blog on people, everyday LIFE, philosophy, politics and all the bullshit we have to deal with but not necessarily like!

The incredible, mysterious and surrealistic essence that we call life and all its aspects have always interested me. Yes, everything between heaven and earth.

For me, it is tantalizing to hear what triggers people to move forward in life and implies their decisions. Some of us live and breathe for creativity while others drown their sorrows in a pint of beer, even finding passion in it. Some are natural-born philosophers, and even a little flower inspires them. Others prefer talking bullshit and get a headache hearing the word philosophy. We, humans, are amazing and amusing. Just give it a second and reflect on how few of us mobilize it all and make it to the White House.
Most of us will be forgotten when we die and not even mentioned in history books. And have you ever thought about who pulls the wheels of society forward? Governments or the people?

Welcome to my room of creation!! Let’s call it a lense of exchange. Here I want to put together a blissful blend of everything that has to do with LIFE. Through written words, pictures, and videos, I will share my experiences, others’ way of being and seeing life, and small moments worth sharing and making life worth living.