Welcome To My Space

Welcome to my space of creation!! Let’s call it a point of exchange. This a blog about people, everyday life, philosophy, politics, and all the bullshit we must deal with but do not necessarily like! Like it or not, we are all on this crazy, mysterious, and surrealistic ride called LIFE. Life does not make sense every day. Maybe it is better to say that we try to make sense of life. A wise Peruvian guide told me: “Life was here before we were born, and life will continue after we pass away.”

I started this blog in 2017 while going through the “ dark night of the soul,” a challenging period. Despite the darkness I was going through, I followed my inner knowledge. I had to use my creativity to keep myself on track.

So I got started, bought a domain, and named it.

The name created mixed reactions. While some loved it, others asked me why the h* I called it that? I wanted it to be People Life Politics and Bullshit, so I listened to the feedback without getting trapped; I knew I liked the name.

After all the time spent working on the template, I created MY very first simple blog post. That simple video lowered my defenses, and I launched my blog without making something big and fancy. The weather in my first video is a good metaphor for my inner state at that time.

I created this blog to create a blissful blend of everything through writing, pictures, and videos. I wanted to share my experiences, others’ way of being and seeing life, and all the small moments worth sharing that make life worth living. They say that curiosity killed the cat, but it has had the opposite effect on me. My interest and sense of wonder have motivated me and helped me overcome my ego-based obstacles in life. It has inspired me. I enjoy hearing what triggers people to move forward in life and what impacts their decisions. Just take a second to reflect; who and what pulls the wheels of society forward? At the end of our days, how many of us will history books mention?

We, humans, are unique and amusing. None of us know why we are here, but we fight and pretend to know and own the truth. Imagine if we could respect that “my reality is not necessarily your reality, “ give up all our power struggles and accept that we see the world through different lenses shaped by our experiences.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by, and I hope the time you spend in my room inspires you. If you have any feedback, please leave it here, and I promise to answer you.

I am also a holistic coach and use sound👂 (sound = vibration)🧘‍♀️ and movement🕺💃 in my coaching. I believe that creativity is an essential tool to becoming centred and finding balance.

“Embrace the imperfection as perfection.”

This quote has become my motto over the years and has helped me in my processes. You can visit my website and book an online coaching, sound, or body movement therapy session with me.