On my couch with the artist Dominique Sylvain

Summer of 2017 my son and I travelled to Bali. During five weeks, we got a little taste of that amazing island.
One of our last evenings in the northern part of the island, we went to the neighbouring hotel to eat dinner and watch the sunset. The hotel had the most amazing view.
While I was busy trying to capture the beauty we were surrounded by I noticed a woman dressed in white clothing doing the same. Her composure caught my attention and awakened my curiosity. We started talking and suddenly we were gathered around a table and had dinner together. She, her friend, me and my son.

We spent a couple of hours together but before separating we hooked up on Facebook.
” I always meet lots of beautiful people when I travel, but very few of them I see again. That is part of the travelling life”, I thought to myself when we were heading back to our hotel that night. I thought to myself when we were heading back to our hotel. Walking back under the full moon magic. 

Never say never, is that not what the wise man has always said?! And it is so true. Be open and accept what’s coming. Then you can see how strange and mysterious life is.

November 2018 I contacted Dominique and we talked on the skype, and after a while, we decided that she should come and visit me in Norway. During our few days together I discovered that she had to be one of my guests “On my couch series”.

Enjoy this little trip with her.
This great artist is planning to have a voice and movement workshop in Oslo in the first part of 2020.