Another way of movement

Three years ago, I interviewed Christina. She is the founder of Krønsj, an alternative fitness center.

“Our training concept does not focus on repetitions, achievements, or results. We want people to be grateful for their bodies, coming back to their bodies rather than focusing on wanting to change them because they are not satisfied. Our focus is the pleasure of movement and being aware of the quality of the movements,” she told me during our interview. I decided to reblog this post because it is full of wisdom. We can all use Christina’s words of wisdom to create movement in our lives on many levels.

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Christina, the founder of Krønsj, wants people to be grateful for their bodies rather than focusing on wanting to change their bodies because they are not satisfied.

A while ago, during a job interview, I was asked who I admired and why?

I answered without hesitation. Christina,the founder of Krønsj, is the woman I applaud and look up to.

I got to know Christina after I chose her fitness center, an alternative gym that stood apart from mainstream concepts.

I liked their selection of music and the energy of their group training session. Each time I arrived, I always felt seen and welcomed in a personal way. Although I did not know anyone there personally, the ones I trained with or the instructors, I felt an invisible bond when we exercised together. The energy raised and shared during training hours was just so uplifting.

Unlike the big fitness centers where…

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