Book of love

When I run out of titillating titles, I use the name of songs. This time the title of my blog post is the “Book of love.” After the song, I’ve shared this time. Yes, let’s say our days is the book, and time is its lines.

What do we fill our lines with?
What do you fill yours with?
What nourishes you and fills your day with pleasure and love?

Going back to “almost normal” days is both enjoyable and, yes, time-consuming. Good, because we are social animals, and it is good to be back with other people. Demanding, because I want to reach so many things during the day, and that is just not possible. Well, that’s just the way it is. The energy I have available, I have to share between different tasks, and I cannot reach everything—only a law of nature I have to obey.

Life may be a lot about learning this balance between the resting & being and all the “doing” sessions. What the Chinese symbol of Yin and Yang represents, among other things.
Yin is receptive, and Yang is when we get to do. For me, it is this eternal dance of being inward and outward.

Today, it was the first school day for fifth grades in Norway. We spent some time talking about how each student had experienced corona lockdown. It was fun to hear that some of the students had spent this lockdown time to learn new skills. Boredom had become an inspiration for learning new skills. We talked about how we can use the available time in different ways, and with that, I told them that I do not have a TV at home, to their great shock. But when I asked them why they thought I didn’t have a TV? They Knew. Today’s kids are smart. Me not having a TV has to do with time and how time-consuming TV can be.

Then back home from work, I already felt it. It is demanding to devote myself to self the goal. My goal is to spend a few hours every day on my creative projects.
Anyhow, here comes today’s creative endeavor.

How to turn a rotten tomato to a beautiful motif? A rotten tomato, on an old ceramic plate with the beautiful Alstromeria plant (that I got from a girlfriend last week), on the background.

I have also attached a picture of what kids created at school. Everyone got one post-it paper, and they were supposed to use only one word describing their feeling about this corona period, and then draw the Coronavirus as they imagined it. This little collage was the result.

I hope you like the song I share with you today. Listen to “Book of love” while you browse the few pictures.

PS. Soon I will have a new interview coming up. I have interviewed a multi-artist, occupied by simplifying. It is in line with what I shared today. How do we spend our time and energy? Stay tuned, so maybe you can get some inspiration from the new interview.

And by the way, the vibration of the week is now updated. Enjoy this weekś sounds and songs.