To take photos for me is like playing

I hope you enjoy Boa Sorte ( Good Luck) by Vanessa Da Mata & Ben Harper while reading this blog post.

Have you ever known someone who has an exceptional eye for discovering details in everything or sees the beauty in things most people would not even notice? Have you ever known someone who plays with the ray of light and makes it into a kaleidoscope of art?

I know a guy who sees details differently and can turn something like rust into artwork and, by doing that, delights the eye.

Wes A. Hed. Wes (55) is originally from Rio de Janeiro and has lived in Norway since he was 26. I have known Wes for many years, and if someone asked me to describe him with one word, that word would be PASSION. Passion for photography. 

And his passion makes me admire him. Let’s be honest; how many of us take our passion seriously? We all know that one thing is to have a passion, but another thing is to devote time to it every day—no matter the daily mood or energy state, no matter the weather or what happens externally. And, of course, I had to find out what photography means to him?

– Photography is my passion, or to put it another way, I play when I shoot—practically the same as playing football. It gives me lots of joy being out taking pictures. I often rehearse different genres or try out what I have envisioned as an idea, but sometimes other motives emerge—motifs such as things, animals, or people. When I photograph people, I try to capture the feeling they give me. They trust me, and their trust allows me to create what I convey further. I’m probably a little obsessed because I think a lot about creating something new and getting better at what I do. Creativity is not something I control; it happens spontaneously.

Do you want to see more of Wes’s captures? You can do that by visiting his Instagram.

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