Little pearls in the hair are today’s detail

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Working with the kids enchants the child within me, and I love it.

It’s like being in a large playground and exploring everything with a new innocent glance.  In Oslo, right now, at this writing moment, the sun is out, and the sky is blue, but earlier today, during lunchtime, it was snowing.

In the schoolyard, snow and snow crystals became the centre of our attention. Did you know that snowflake shape is influenced by temperature and humidity? And who was the first person who did capture photographs of snowflakes through the use of a microscope attached to a camera?

Discovering the snow crystals in the hair of one of the students is the capture of my day.

What was the capture of your day? Did you notice any details that fascinated you and pinched your attention fully? Please share it with me and other readers in the comment felt!