A roadmap for living

I hope you enjoy this delicious song while reading this blog post.

I’m bombarded with endless emails daily, and I know I can thank myself for that—at least some of them. What do I expect when I visit a website and leave my email there? I want information, and they want my email in exchange for that information; it might be called modern barter. Something that feels fine there and then, but afterward, when the emails fill my inbox, I regret it. I also receive emails from those I do not know and often wonder how the h* did they find my address? And to me, all these emails are a reminder of how big and complex the digital world has become. A development that goes much faster than I can keep up with and that my grandmother would hardly relate to if she had still been alive.

Anyhow, all these unwanted emails often remind me of the era I am part of– this digital era has for sure made all sorts of information accessible. And compared to “the good old days,” living in this era creates a more conscious living opportunity. And this again makes me aware of how I want to spend my energy and what kind of information I let affect me. 

And being selective has been essential for maintaining balance in my everyday life, especially during these pandemic times. But back again to the emails filling my inbox. I usually delete most of them without even bothering to open them, but a couple of days ago, I read one, and after reading, I knew instantly why I had opened it in the first place. It was a reminder I needed, and it also inspired me to write this post. And the email from Nick Polizzi sounded like this:

“Hi Parisa,

I wanted to share a bit of Native American wisdom with you today.
Like many of the teachings that come from indigenous culture, the 10 virtues below are intended as a roadmap for living a more balanced and connected life. The beauty of these ancient pillars of existence is that they always remain relevant, regardless of how evolved or learned we think we’ve become.

10 Ancestral Teachings

1) The Earth is our mother, care for her.

2) Honor your ancestors through your actions.

3) Open your heart and soul to the Great Spirit.

4) All life is sacred; treat all beings with respect.

5) Take from the Earth what is needed and nothing more.

6) Put the good of all before your own interests.

7) Give constant thanks for each new day.

8) Speak the truth; but only of the good in others.

9) Follow the rhythms of nature; rise and retire with the sun.

10) Enjoy life’s journey, but leave no tracks.

They seem so simple right? But somehow these core concepts are easy to forget or take for granted when life gets challenging. I’ve come across this list of ten before, but as I read through it again I was struck by one item in particular that really hit home. Today it was number nine, but who knows what it’ll be next time! I hope you too find benefit in these native commandments.”

As Nick writes, we may take these 10 ancestral teachings for granted or even forget when life gets challenging, but they can assist us along the way to get us back on track. By the way, which of them hit you home?

The vibration of the week is now updated, and I hope you like the music I have shared. May that bring you a little inspiration for what lies ahead of you or whatever you need for your day. 

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