کُشتزار … نه به کشتار ، نه به اعدام # اعدام نکنید No execution!

Art & Photo @ amirmobed

My cousin, Amir Mobed, living in Iran and working as an artist, has created the performance above. I think his performance can illustrate what is happening in Iran at present: the execution of three young Iranian protesters. Browse the photos I have shared.

Why “In the name of God,” are these power sick bloodthirsty vampires in Iran killing people?

They claim the title of Mullah, which means “vicar,” “master,” and “guardian.” There is not much mastery or guardianship in killing people or forcing power. That’s what we did in Medieval times, and now we are in 2020. For me, God is love and light, not manifested by anything these lunatic Mullahs are doing in Iran. Is it not strange that they are still in charge after 40 years?

 I still remember the year of 1979. I was a seven-year-old girl and had just started in the first class. One day they closed our school, and when they reopened it, we were no longer a mixed class of boys and girls. We were separated, and schools became gender-based. That event was just a part of a series of events that culminated in the overthrow of the Pahlavi dynasty.

As a kid, I did not understand what was happening in our country. Still, I guess neither did the grownups participating in what was going to be called the Iranian Islamic revolution in history books.

What occurred in our school that day marked a new beginning—the beginning of a new tyranny that has lasted for over 40 years.

Iranian People wanted a change and had hopes and the expectation of a better future. It was the dreams of freedom and independence from the western world that fired up the revolutionaries, but significant, rapid change can leave deep and lasting wounds. A left-wing revolution turned suddenly out to be something else. “In the name of God,” Ayatollah Khomeini took over the country and filled the Iranian nation with promises.

And not long after, in September 1980, Iran was in war with Iraq. Suddenly, all focus was on the external enemy, and most people forgot what was happening in their own country. Is that how they managed to get their claws stuck in the country while all the focus was on a foreign enemy? Now, 40 years later, they are still at the helm, preaching God and morality while abusing, torturing, and killing people.

Today, many say that the Shah of Iran was not an angel, but he was so much better than we have now. And while I am writing all these words, youths are waiting for their execution, only because they want freedom—a fundamental human right. We are living in a crazy world.

By the way, “The Queen and I,” a documentary made by an Iranian woman living in Sweden and “Persepolis” by Marjane Satrapi, are highly recommended. If you want to broader your perspective on the subject. I have hyperlinked both in the text.