Happy Father’s Day!!

Music, Bir Sana Bir de Bana by BaBa Zula & Mad professor

Thanks to the talented photographer Lise-Lott Halvorsen. By taking these touching photos of my parents and brother, she inspired me to write this blog post. And nevertheless, a great blessing to Ramana Maharshiś self-inquiry meditation that I used as an anchor for shaping this writing. I dedicate this blog post to my parents, who have been the master teachers of my life, and through them, I have learned about love and forgiveness. It is on November 8th the father´s day is celebrated in Norway, so Happy Father’s Day. I have read the text in audio, and you can hear it here.

–          Who am I?

I was born in the city of Isfahan.

That’s the place my parents met.

They fell in love, danced the flame of love and drama kind of

–          Who am I?

I am a daughter

A Sister

A lover

And, a mother

–          Who am I?

As a girl

I did not understand the feeling of inferiority.

How to accept the superiority

Or deal with authority.

I had a rebellious point of view.

It was like having constant flu.

–          Who am I?

As a daughter, I watched my mother and father.

A woman was supposed to stand by her man.

Follow the clan

Stand like a cliff

Never show her grief.

And the men, as a part of the ban.

He had to live as a man.

Never less than

Never show his grief.

He had to live after that belief.

The anger, though, was an accepted brief.

Or maybe part of a higher relief?

And that made men the chief.

–          Who am I?

As an adult woman

I had to reframe

How to be brave and play the game

I had to maneuver my flame.


The right to be a woman without all the shame and the blame

All around the world

We are all the same

Women wearing jewels

Everybody following the rules

Playing the perfect game.

To please the surroundings and not judging the patriarchal frame.