Grasping the spirit of youth in nature


While I am working on the next blog post I have decided to share a video I put together during my time in Bolivia. The video was an attempt to grasp the playful spirit of youth. I shared a day with these two bright young girls from Britain who made the scenery for this video. But first, a little about how I ended up being at this place which became the scenery for these recorded minutes.

“You should visit Samaipata”, was Susana´s response to my grumble about Santa Cruz de la Sierra. I met Susana the day after my arrival in Bolivia.

I was lucky it was her I was complaining to and not someone else. Cause we all know how it is to criticise someone’s city or country (without knowing them), as patriotic as we humans are being taught to be. But Susana replied in the most manner full way one could think of. Go to Samaipata.

I followed her testimonial, and do not regret it.

My true experience of Bolivia started by arriving at Samaipata. Traversing up and down the hilly and tranquil streets of Samaipata, hiking in the Elbow of the Andes, visiting Amboro national park was just a beginning of what this country has to offer when it comes to nature experiences.

As says; “Samaipata (which means “resting in the heights” in the Quechua language) is a small town near Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Its top tourist attraction is El Fuerte de Samaipata (the Fort), believed by some to be an ancient Incan ritual or sacred site, while others believe it was once a UFO landing spot used by aliens. Legends abound. Located in the foothills of the Andes, about 3 hours west of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, it is a very cosy town and very popular among tourists and foreign residents alike. Because of its mountainous landscape and European-style cabins, it has gained the name of “Little Switzerland”. It lies in an area of valleys, and 9 kilometres before reaching the town one can visit the pre-Incan archaeological site of El Fuerte de Samaipata which is also the largest carved stone in the world. The Samaipata fort was declared a Heritage of Humanity site by UNESCO.

During my stop at waterfalls (Las Cuevas ) in this area, I snapped the natural beauty of youth playing on the beach, through the lens of my camera. Even though it is shared under the capture of the day, I have to admit, these moments were captured some weeks ago, but I share it with you today.

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