An unexpected turning point

I met Lars for the first time two years ago. He is the brother of a former colleague of mine and I met him at her 60th birthday party. Since then we have had many long and interesting conversations, sometimes from opposite sides of the world. All this time I have been intrigued by his thinking and how he handles his life being diagnosed with MS and confined to a wheelchair. His incredible ability to defy the diagnosis is so amazing that I want to share it with you.

The second part of this interview can you watch here.

One thought on “An unexpected turning point

  1. I trust in your abilities dearest Lars and the believe in your self power that you can heal your self . Your story is inspirational to many others. It gives them not only hope however the faith in their own healing power that is very innate in each one of us .
    Speaking at the convention is enlightening and empowering to both self and millions of others. Sending you love 💕.


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