Without which body part, you couldn’t be?


A strange thought, right? Like many of the other weird thoughts that pop up in our heads, and we accept. Yes, this thought came when I sat down to write this blog post. Without which body part, I couldn’t be? If I had to choose? It again made me wonder which body part I used the most.

Thoughts are strange things, even though they are an essential part of us, they are intangible. Although they are an integral part of us and are with us from the moment we open our eyes until we fall asleep, they are still invisible. Although it is the hidden part of us, thoughts control us, and even create emotions, but back to my point. I think maybe my ears are the sense that I use actively.

I love to listen, whether it is a conversation on the tram or bus or when the wind dances with the trees, and they together whisper the language of the forest.
As curious as I am, I find it fascinating to hear what occupies people and how do they talk about what engages them, and also the tone of their voices. I could continue writing about what listening means to me, but then I will lose my point here. And my point is that listening ability is what I use for discovering music.

I love music, and without music, my life would have been pretty empty. Today I found this song, and I want to share it with you.

Atahualpa Yupanqui (January 31, 1908 – May 23, 1992) was an Argentine singer, songwriter, guitarist, and writer. He was considered the most prestigious Argentine folk musician of the 20th century.

And finally, a new thought pops up here at the very core of my writing, is it the auditory sense musicians use most when playing music?


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