Sacred ground

I guess this time, I want my blog post to have the same title as the song I chose for it — sacred ground. Yes, mother earth or Pachamama, as they call it in South America, is our holy ground.
This magic song is made by an artist called Wong Man.
Enjoy him here, while browsing my photos and the nature of May, up in the North.

By the way, my music list, “the vibration of the week” is now updated. I hope you enjoy this week’s selection.

2 thoughts on “Sacred ground

    • Hi. The pleasure is on my side. By the way, a friend of mine found him on Spotify, and the Album is apparently from 2013. ( I do not have Spotify) So not so new as I thought ( And I have now corrected my post), even though he is still not to find on Itunes or Youtube, or maybe it is better to say that I have not seen him there, perhaps someone else will do

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