Simplifying on my couch with artist Aché

The movement has always been important to me.
Movement or change as many call it. It is one of the natural laws of life. Movement is also the time—the time that moves us from day to night and creates cycles.
For me, change can happen at every level. Whether it’s through dancing, exercising, or going from A-B physically.
Change can occur through action, by setting goals and moving towards it. Movement is also meeting my mental and emotional winds consciously. It was also through movement that I became acquainted with Aché. Many years ago, I trained Capoeira. So did Aché or Ove-Kenneth Nilsen as his real name is. He plays on many strings, and people like him arouse my curiosity. Therefore, I had to invite him to my couch for a Vlog talk.
I hope you also find him inspiring. Here is one of his songs called, Good as gold.

And the Norwegian viewers, you can listen to his podcast, Simplify here.

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