Erasing can stop the imagination

Many of today’s children and youth impress me. Their understanding and depth are entirely different from when I was a child and from my generation.
Is this how evolution happens, that we become smarter and wiser with each generational leap?

Perhaps eventually, this young generation will get humankind in a new development spiral by overcoming the patriarchal system of governance, values, and mindsets that sit in humanity’s backbone.

In any case, young people like Iris give me hope. She is the daughter of a friend of mine, fourteen years old, and is super creative. She paints, draws, embroiders, makes wooden jewelry, ceramics, bakes, and photographs.

For me, creativity is the essence of the source, whatever it is. That’s why I found Iris as a fascinating interview subject.

All material used in the video is hers: her photographs, paintings, drawings, and jewelry made by her. “Happiness is a butterfly” is Iris’s favourite song at the moment, and of course, it had to be part of her interview.

2 thoughts on “Erasing can stop the imagination

  1. I agree. I remember struggling with “art” in school, having an image in my head that I could not put on paper with pencil crayon. With all the media input children get now from such an early age and the technology available, their creativity has so many other ways of being expressed, and social media gives any one a gallery to show their work. I think it is awesome.

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