From above

I have moved to a new neighborhood
Five minutes walk from the wood

Moving to the district’s ugliest block
It was the 11th-floor ś view that took the stock

From above
Just like a mourning dove
The city is filled with brotherly love
There is no need for boxing gloves

No roadshows filled with hatred
It is only the sacred

From my living room, I can almost touch the sky
And say Ai
There is no bad guy
Only an ally
who will reply

From above
I can remember that my unique number is eleven
I am close to heaven
And can let myself be sweven

Music; Plantas Sagradas by Nick Barbachanos & Danit

2 thoughts on “From above

  1. Looks like a very nice area. Did you paint it yourself? If yes, great colour!! It just happened that last week I did the same…bought a paint that looked like a white creamy colour. When it got dry next day, it was pink XD. Got to run to the shop to buy a white one to repaint again, as I refuse to live in Cinderella castle 😉 But yours looks amazing! Well done 🙂


    • The first plan was to do it myself but it did not go that way and I had to Give the job to professionals and I am happy I did that. Moving is a huge demanding process and I am happy it is over. That color by the way called free spirit. It was written that is a color that create a harmonious atmosphere and is great for new adventoures beginings. Thanks by the way Anna for your feedback🧚🌹

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