Praise of honesty

A gift from one of the students

I hope you enjoy the E Depois by BiD Feat. Seu Jorge, while reading this short blog post.

There is always a story, a history behind everything.

I got this drawing at the end of the school day yesterday. 
At the beginning of the day, I had made an agreement with the kids in the 5th grade. 
If they worked effectively and were quiet during the school day, the last half hour of the day, could be free time.
The day did not turn as quiet as I had hoped.

By the end of the day, I cross-examined everyone of them; «How do you regard your own contribute during this day? Do you think I should keep my part of the deal?»
I was surprised to hear their honest reflection and self-insight.

Their honesty deserved praise, and I gave them the recognition by keeping my part of the deal.
While I was asking them (the mentioned question), one of the girls sat with her head down, concentrated on something.
At the end of the day, when they were going home, the girl came to me.

She handed me a folded sheet. «This is for you,» she said.
I opened the sheet, and there was this cute little drawing.

So, this is what she was outlining?
This cute little work of art is such an endowment to get as a closure of a week.
Working with children is a great gift that I love and appreciate so much.

By the way, I have now updated the vibration of the week. Enjoy the tracks.

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