Happy Magical Christmas Holidays

Some days ago, I had a good chat with a dear friend of mine. Our conversations often revolve around life and processes of life in their innumerable forms and colors. This time, magic was the theme, and how the mundane life on this blue planet of ours, earth, can so many times feel like a serious business, with little room for playfulness and magic in it.

Thereafter, I had to chew the Magic. The letters creating the word and the rooms & experiences they lead me to.


M (Many, Mystical, Moments)

A (And)

G (Genuinely, Going)

I (In, Inward) 

C (Creation, Co-creation)

After a few rounds, back and forth, I ended up writing a list. And this is how magical moments can appear to me:

  • It is this childlike joy of existence. And it usually happens when life awakens a sense of wonder and arouses my curiosity. My curiosity takes me to all the letters of the word.
  • I recall holding my newborn baby in my arms back in 2001.”How could his father and I create so little beautiful creature?” I remember thinking. That moment took me on a roundtrip in every single room of the letters. 
  • Magic, for me, is my vivid nightly travels. Since I was a little girl, passing through the dreamland has had an enormous impact on my life. To me, the symbolic language of my dream landscapes is a magical messenger from the unseen realms.
  • Getting new people into my life scene or visiting other people’s life scenes is not that magical? We are all actors & actresses in our lives and play a role in each other’s settings; no matter what role we play, we are all part of a more significant play. Relationships to me are a gateway to magical interaction.
  • Being around children and their playful approach to life always gives me the green signal to let playfulness take over the show. When my boundless, exploratory, and silly side conquers the filtered adult world, I become a fairy in a magic forest. My name, by the way, means like a fairy & an angel. 😊 
  • When I surrender the creative impulses and focus on a project, like writing a blog post, capturing moments through photography, editing an interview, playing with colors, or nurturing my plants, I lose track of time and space. Magic in big time, even this initiation process can many times feel demanding.
  • Letting myself, being inspired by a beautiful video & a movie or listening to a touching piece of music, is that not magic? Whatever bringing up the sense of beauty within me is magical to me—like the short film AMA, danced by Julie Gautier. The underwater dance that I shared with you in this post. 
  • And synchronicities in life can turn existence into a dazzling box, full of unexpected happenings and surprises. It is, for sure magical. And what do I mean by synchronicity? Please read this article; Synchronicity Is Not Just a Coincidence.
My magical view. Sunset on Christmas evening 24.12. 2020

And before rounding off this post, I will conclude that magic is the language of the moments expressed through my emotional body. It is the dance between internal and external impulses — an inner way of perceiving moments. So simple and so complicated at the same time. And I assume, by doing more of what brings joy and happiness into my everyday moments, I allow the flow of more magic into my life. A muscle that I have become aware of and work on consciously.

What about you? Do you believe in magic? What is magic to you? 

Thanks to my dear friend Ann- Sofi for inspiring me to write this blog post by bringing up magic into our conversation.

In my next blog post, I will share a story about a little boy called Uriel. I met him precisely five years ago during a yoga retreat in Ko Pha- Ngan, an island in Thailand

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