Seen through the camera lens

Enjoy Bouche à lèvres by Odezenne! Photograph: Petra Polivkova.

Petra, can you please introduce yourself to readers?

–   My name is Petra Polivkova (41), and I was born in the Czech republic. I’m an active woman and mother of two strong-minded, independent children at 18 and 13 and we are a vegan family. I came to Norway 15 years ago. Surprisingly, we are still living here, mostly because of the peaceful lifestyle that’s possible to maintain in Norway. As a single mother living here, I also get the opportunity to develop myself and give my children an excellent start in life. I overcame my depression, anxiety with the help of fitness and by focusing on photography.

How old were you when You Started taking photos?
– I started when I was around 28 years old. 

What drew you to photography?

– As a single mother, I hardly had any time for myself, so it was so precious to me when I could have some time off. And I used that time to clear my head by being creative, and photography was my way.

Petra Polivkova

How is it capturing through the camera lens, and what does photography mean to you?

– It’s like entering another world; the camera lens can grab the passing moments that compose life. The eye and the mind can see the beauty, and the camera is an excellent tool to use. For me, it is to grasp the fluent moments or peopleś souls in the way that I see them and share my captures with others. Photography is an art, and art should evoke all kinds of strong emotions in the audience. 

What do you like most to photograph and why?

–     I prefer to take pictures of people and show their beauty. Most of the time, we often see ourselves from a subjective narrowminded angle, so I always aim to expand that angle when I photograph someone.

Do you have a favorite photo that you have taken, and why is it your favorite?

– Yes and I would pick the primate chimpanzee in the zoo. She is holding a plastic box and looking through that plastic. It’s a sad and powerful picture, and I believe that open-minded people can get the message. And it was not an easy photo to capture, so I’m proud of that one. 

Which artist or photographer do you admire the most?

– I admire Jindřich Štreit and his work. He is a Czech photographer and pedagogue known for his documentary photography. His photos have powerful souls and talk for themselves through the heart.

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