Love is something disgusting

I asked 6-7-year-old children some questions and their answers make me smile, and I love their response. I hope that this post makes you smile too.

I hope you enjoy this magical sound with the children’s choir while reading this post.

What is happiness?

– Happiness is when something good is happening.
– Football is happiness.
– That you are happy.
– That something nice is happening inside you.
– Cats have nine lives. To have nine lives is happiness, and therefore, the cats are happy.
– Happiness is football

What is love?

– Love is something disgusting.
– I am not sure, but I think it’s something nice.
– Love is something nice.
– If you have a boyfriend, you love each other and kiss each other here and there.
– Love is to have friends.
– It’s something very disgusting and nice—both at the same time.
– Love is being best friends forever.

What is politics?

– That someone rules over someone else.
– That the state decides over other things.

What is heaven?

– Something blue, and it rains on your head.
– It is what lies out in space.
– Heaven is where rain comes from.
– It’s the space and air. We see it blue because the sun is shining on it

If you were to ask me a question, what would that be?

– What is the name of the world’s highest volcano?
– Why is farting so funny?
– How do they make electrical wires so that we get power?
– I would not ask anything.
– Where is the world’s tallest tower?
– What is electricity made of?
– How to make books?

If you were writing a letter to someone you love, what would you say?

– I would write that I love them.
– I like you.
– You are kind, and you are the golden boy, and you are good at football.
– Do you like pokemon?

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