There are no mistakes

Copyright owned by Merrilyn Ann Helliwell

Would you please introduce yourself?

– My name is Merrilyn Ann Helliwell. I was born in Australia on 12th August 1957. I live on the south coast of NSW in a typical Australian coastal village. I also reside in north Bali (which is my true home.)

When did you start drawing, and how did it start?
– In April 2020, I heard my inner voice tell me to start drawing. The voice of the Heart. As a fully awakened channel of medium and psychic abilities, the heart voice is what I must follow.

Did you draw before?
– My creativity in the past was always there; however, I was never happy with my results as I knew that it should be easier than it was. Where was the flow? As a child, I was an excellent drawer, but I could only draw from having an image in front of me to copy from. I could draw to almost a perfect copy. Then as the years went by, I found that it just did not work for me, and I stopped. I could never draw freehand; that would take imagination ??? ( so I thought !) Imagination comes from the thinking mind, which will not work either. The artist will end up crazy with the overuse of the thinking mind.

How did the urge to draw show up in you?
– The urge came from a true knowing that this is what I must do. So I just got my pencil and began to draw. I worked in the same way I do for my healing work and allowed spirit to flow and work through this body. It meant that I was just to be the witness. It was a real test of the ego which wanted to take over. In the end, I found it almost meditative, as there was no thought process at all. All I did was view the actions of the pencil on the paper.Once a drawing is done, I quickly move onto another, and then it just continues until the energy stops. I may be drawing for up to 2 hours or 14 large drawings in that time, thereabouts? The smaller ones only take a few minutes or less; the larger ones maybe up to 5 – 10mins depending.

Did you resist the urge, or did you obey it?
– Many years ago, when I was working at a psychic expo in the reader’s room (where you get your cards read ), another very good psychic told me that I would be working with Galactic Beings. I just thought, “oh yeah, sure ?? I’am not into star trek. Then five years later, this started—little Galactic Beings on paper. When the time came, it just was so right and effortless. I have now done over 2,000 drawings since April 2020 with little effort.

What does drawing mean to you?
– I don’t have much thought about it, really. It’s just something that has happened out of nothing. I love to see creativity appear from nothing right in front of me. The result always brings a softness to the heart. Sometimes I just laugh out loud at home after completing a drawing.

Do you have any thoughts about creativity, and what does that mean for humans? 

– If all the world was full of people exploring their creative spirit right now, I am sure we could lift this world into a beautiful landscape. We are the creators. The word WE may be the answer. As creators, We should share and join and become a creative bond to bring this into action. The world needs all of us. When you work with spirit in a creative way there is “no time”, you are “out of time.” I have laid awake at night, not being able to sleep, and then I ask, “what is it? Is there something I have to do?” To draw is always the answer. So I am up in the early and late hours of the night drawing for two-plus hours sometimes. Time disappears. There is no memory of what I just drew two pages back. Energy stops and then off to bed. Our new world needs to be spontaneous. Creativity through the Heart has no time slot for when to do and not to do. This type of lifestyle would be a huge flip over and so spontaneous into the present.

Do you have any suggestions on working with the “devil” on the shoulder with a critical voice? A kind of voice that will stop us from being creative if we listen to it?
– In the process of correct creativity, there is no room for voices of the ego ( or devil to some ). If you find that your mind ( ego ) is saying to use red or purple or put a line here….. well, you are not flowing as a spiritual, creative artist. Correct creativity comes from spirit. Creating something from a thought form will hold different energy. Do not let the mind be the controller of your actions. Be so free that it’s ok to make a mistake. The mistakes sometimes become a new creation and all through spirit. But if you see by the videos I never use a rubber, there are no mistakes. If you make a mistake, jump back into your heart center and out of mind. Your Heart spirit will fix it. And remember anything negative and critical is a
direct link to the personal ego. This energy does not belong in our world anymore. “Thank you for the gift to give.”

By the way, do you have names for your Galactic Beings?
– Sometimes the drawings give me their names and tell me their purpose. Once drawn, their spirit now resides here in the realms, and they can assist with the development of our culture, I believe. Even if only through the smiles that they bring. We need to remember that energy created through an automatic flow from the divine spirit will do precisely that. Many people who see my drawings ask if they can name them. They get excited and say, “They need a name !” Maybe a book will be created where children can name them for themselves.

Do they have any messages for you & us, these Galactic Beings?
– These magical drawings created through me hold a unique energy, and I believe that each is a little Galactic Being out there somewhere. I call them my “Galaxy Tribes.” I love them all. After drawing them and looking back on them, I actually cannot remember drawing them at all.

What are you going to do with your drawings; do you have any plans for them?
– My wish (should it be that of the great spirit ) is that somebody discovers me and introduces my work to the world on a larger scale, for this gift must serve a purpose to share. When people see my work, they get excited, and a big smile and laughter comes over them. I would love to get my drawings into the homes of children. We will see.

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