The Secret of Love

I am in Love with Love

Once I heard a song. I might have shared it before, but I’ll share it again since it is the theme of today’s story. “The Secret of Love” At the end of the song, they ask different people what love means. But back to my story and why I am all in Love with Love. Lately, I have been quietly watching a couple. Pascal and Julio. They are guests, just like me. We are all staying at the Mancora Beach House. Seeing them every day makes me want to experience Love again.

“How long have they been together? Did they recently meet in Peru, or have they been together for some months?” I wondered when I first saw them. I had even gone to Robert, the hotel owner and asked his opinion on the matter.

“How long do you think they’ve been together?”

“I do not know, but he’s from Peru and she’s French.” Later, I discovered they had been together for over 30 years.

What is the secret of having such a beautiful relationship after so many years? In my 50 years of life, I have seen a bit of everything. I have seen couples newly in Love. I’ve seen couples who are not together yet, but it’s clear that something is in the air. I have seen couples cheating on each other and moving forward together. I have seen psychological and physical violence in relationships. I have seen couples constantly arguing but still staying together. Maybe because it is safe? They know what they have. And all these different scenarios have made me wonder; “Are we humans coupling up because we are supposed to have a partner?” Let me emphasize that my intention is in no way to judge or criticize other people’s relationships. I know relationships are much more complicated than my simplification. Let me sum up; by observing all these variations of togetherness, I am extra aware when I notice gentle and peaceful love. And when I see it, it touches me deeply within my heart. It makes me believe that Love can be magical and beautiful. It can be harmonious, loving, and sensual, even after 30 years, even after raising four children together, like Pascal and Julio. Love is a sacred dance. So, why is it that not many of us manage to keep its magical beauty?

Now they had awakened my sense of longing, longing to belong and experience this kind of Love; I felt the urge. I wanted to hear their Secret of Love and use it as inspiration.

How do they cultivate Love so beautifully and manage to keep its fire warm?

The music is composed by the Indian musician Manish Vyas. I strongly recommend his music.

What is your secret?

« No, what is our secret?! There is no secret,” was their immediate response. And I found out that I could always ask the question differently.

“Do you ever argue?” I asked the next time I was around them.

“Yes, we do. We are both stubborn.” They explained, laughing about it.

“So what is the secret then? How have you managed to be together for so long and have such a beautiful relationship?”

“I think we might be empathetic towards each other,” said Julio, but I couldn’t stop there.  I had to find out how they defined Love.

“Love is respect and togetherness,” in my head, I hear oneness because that is the feeling I get watching them.

What about you, Julio? What is Love for you?

“Her,” he says with a big smile and looks at her. 

“But can you explain?” I insist.

“It is difficult to explain. She covers everything. Love for me is the whole of her.”

Julio’s answer takes me back to my shared song, Secret of Love. Maybe love is a mysterious connection between two people that defies reason or logic, deepened with a large portion of respect.

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