Guidelines for spiritual shopping tour on planet earth

Are we humans fussy spiritual tourists on planet earth?

I am on a shopping tour daily, looking for new revelations to feed my insatiable appetite for questions and answers. I am a big fan of this digital era and all the possibilities it has opened up for me, but I also know it is full of pitfalls. Living on Earth during this era (which I chose to call the Digital Dark Age) can be a challenging experience. They say we live in the most peaceful time of human history, while the Apocalyptic News tells us something else. We have the whole world inside our living room 24/7. It is helping us see how connected we are as humans, but has humankind ever felt as lonely as we do today? 

We have more information available than ever

But what are we supposed to do with all the leads

that says the world is on the edge of going down

And we have to slow it down

That is how it is presented to us, right? Just look at the News, and you’ll see what I mean.

What can we do about the state of the world?

That leaves us with a feeling there is nothing to do,

So we let the feeling of helplessness take over and flip us over

We live in a world full of possibilities ( at least in some lucky countries), and still,

We need help in translation with all the options and formations

Just look at the rate of mental health issues; with its growing tissues

And with all this “Old News,” I welcome you to choose

Yes, we are all in the same boat; it was someone who wrote

Some of us are desperately looking for answers

Trying to be expanders

But where should we find the answers?

They say, “all roads lead to Rome”

So I decided to take you home

I made a guideline for all the seekers

Those yet to become gatekeepers

Because on this winding road called life

it is essential to know

What we are looking for and where to flow

I thank my dear friend and artist Aaron Clode, for sharing his point of view and letting me get them to you while we are passing through our world of duality and view  I hope you have an easy and joyful ride despite the duality we are surrounded by Please feel free to use these guidelines in any other aspect of your life without asking why Just make them your own without feeling blown.

Ps: I hope you understood that I shared the guidelines in the short video, and we are just trying to be funny with all the madness called humanity. And I am not patronizing. 

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