Change of life through community work

“You should try Pan America’sAmerica’s pizza when you arrive at Copacabana,” some travelers told me in Copacabana. Arriving there, I met Debbie and Jeff, who runs Pan America.

We are all on journeys, so how do we find the purpose of our individual journeys?  Personally, life has taught me a lesson. When I am unhappy in a situation but do not dare to change it, a wave of unexpected events comes that pushes me to a corner and forces me to make an adjustment. Creating transformation in one´s life is taking is a step into the unknown. The unknown can be terrifying. You have no control, only a desire for something else more fulfilling and you must start from there. The couple in this video is a perfect example of how change is possible. Here´s how I came to meet them:

“You should try Pan America´s pizza when you arrive at Copacabana.”

I always connect to so many different people during traveling, and this recommendation came from a couple of travelers in La Paz. Copacabana was my last destination in Bolivia. Then, I would make a 12-hour bus journey to my next destination, Cusco, Peru. Arriving in Copacabana, I immediately fell in love with this peaceful little village located on the shores of Lake Titicaca. It is the largest lake in South America, and the largest high altitude lake ((3808 m) in the world. By the time I arrived, I had completely forgotten the food recommendation. But suddenly, I found myself standing in front of Pan America.

This is how I came to meet Debbie and Jeff, the couple who run Pan America. Amazed by their story, I asked them if they wanted to share it on my vlog. In the video above, they talk about their community work in Bolivia and the negative outcomes from development corporations. They share how and why they started Pan America, and the differences between life in a western country and life in Bolovia. I hope their adventure can inspire all of us who wish to take a step into the unknown.

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4 thoughts on “Change of life through community work

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    During my trip to South America in 2018, I met this beautiful couple. I met them while I was passing through Copacabana to Bolivia. We talked about development aid through community work, and it became one of my first video interviews.
    I could write several posts about my travel through Bolivia and its indescribable beautiful nature but leave that for another time. Enjoy my talk with the amazing couple.


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