Change of life through community work

During my trip to South America in 2018, I met this beautiful couple. I met them while traveling through Copacabana (Bolivia) to Peru. We talked about development aid through community work, and it became one of my first video interviews.

I could write several posts about my travel through Bolivia and its indescribable beautiful nature but leave that for another time. Enjoy my talk with the amazing couple.

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“You should try Pan America’sAmerica’s pizza when you arrive at Copacabana,” some travelers told me in Copacabana. Arriving there, I met Debbie and Jeff, who runs Pan America.

We are all on journeys, so how do we find the purpose of our individual journeys? Personally, life has taught me a lesson. When I am unhappy in a situation but do not dare to change it, a wave of unexpected events comes that pushes me to a corner and forces me to make an adjustment. Creating transformation in one´s life is taking is a step into the unknown. The unknown can be terrifying. You have no control, only a desire for something else more fulfilling and you must start from there. The couple in this video is a perfect example of how change is possible. Here´s how I came to meet them:

“You should try Pan America´s pizza when you arrive…

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