Listen to yourself

I met Frederic at the end of my trip to South America in 2018

The author of Meetings with Sergey Baranov, Frederic E. Swiercz, is also a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Chi Nei Tsang practitioner. Frederic’s path led him to the Peruvian Andes, where he found the meaning of his life with the help of the sacred cactus San Pedro.

I met him at the end of my trip to South America, in the Sacred Valley of Peru, more precisely, the small village of Calca. We were both staying in the house of Huachuma Wasi.

Frederic’s approach to life impressed me. His quest is something many of us can recognize. We all look for meaning in our lives, but where do we search, and where do we find it?

Are societal trends influence what we consider happiness and abundant life? Or is it our families’ invisible legacy that forms what we are pursuing? Who do we listen to in our quest to find our place in life and society? Where do we seek to find balance and inner harmony and cope with life’s challenges?

In this interview, Frederic shares his reflections on life and how we can take small steps in the right direction by following our inner compass, a place where we enjoy life and experience satisfaction.

If you are curious about sacred medicine, you can watch the recently released documentary “Sacred medicine: The Path to Unity.

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