Alcazaba´s light and shadow


I was so lucky to get visiting Alcazaba of Almeria one-night last week and made a short video from the photos I took. Since Alcazaba is the biggest of the citadels made by Arabas in Spain I tried to put an Arabic flavour on it.

And how did I end up there at Alcazaba night? Some of you already know and others not. The whole adventure started us visiting Granada and Alhambra.

In July and August, they have Flamenco shows at night time in the gardens of Alhambra and you better book in advance, cause they are popular.  I found out about it when we first got there, too late to get any tickets.

Anyhow, when we got back to Aguadulce (where I have my base at the moment in Spain), I told my Airbnb host about our trip to Granada and the Flamenco show I missed, without knowing that her boyfriend is an archaeologist working at Alcazaba in Almeria.
Alcazaba is a bit like Alhambra, but a much smaller version, and you know what? They also have Flamenco shows at night.
The boyfriend of my host got me a free ticket to the Flamenco show at Alcazaba, and the story does not end there. I also got a private tour to the closed areas of the citadel at night. Lucky me? Definitely!
Be careful what you ask for, as they say, and that is so true.
But as long as you are aware of your thoughts and what you wish for, it can turn out to be an amazing experience. What you want can come in so many unexpected ways. Even though maybe a bit different from how you visioned it. For me, sending it to the universe and being open is the key.
What about you? Have you experienced wanting something so badly and then the universe surprised you in an unexpected way? Feel free to share your story under the comments. I would love to read it.

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