A way of movement


During an interview a while back, I was asked If there was a person I admired and why?
I answered straight away. The founder of Krønsj Christina is the woman I applaud and looked upon.

I got to know Christina after I chose her fitness centre, an alternative gym that stood out from mainstream concepts.

I liked their selection of music for group training, I loved the created energy during the training sessions, and when I arrived I always felt welcomed and was greeted in a personal way.

Although I did not know anyone there personally, neither the ones whom I trained with nor the instructors, I felt an invisible bond when we exercised together. The raised and shared energy during training hours was just so uplifting.
By choosing Krønsj I also got a little insight into Christina’s world. The world of a founder and all itś responsibilities.

How is it to be a founder? How has Christina been coping with challenges and motivated herself during tough times? These are some of the questions I have asked her.
I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

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