Travel of my day

Sunny days like this Sunday always touch something deep within me and makes me dream. My dreams most of the time take me to “the longing space.” It is a kind of strange mixture of pleasure, me practising being in the moment and on the other side daydream. Is that what visualization is all about? Beginning with imagination, and moving to an energetic vortex of desired feeling or situation?
Somebody recently told me I should have one big goal. Wow, one big goal!
At the moment I think mine is going to be making a small blog post every day. I usually do big interviews and editing them consume many hours of work. I want to continue with them but also publish more regularly. By sharing short reflections I might create a room for exchange of different matters. Thoughts and reflections that are of some interests to me might also be of notice for others visa vers.
Other peoples thoughts and emotions, like exactly you who are reading these words, are one of the voices in the human choir and I am curious about what is going on in your(others) internal walls.
But back to “dreaming and one big goal”. The picture above is a kind of representation of my inner feeling of dreaming and Portugal is a country with all those colours.
Do you a dream? Want to share it here? With words or music or photo?
What about one big goal?
Let us share!!!

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