On my couch with the artist Dominique Sylvain

Summer of 2017 my son and I travelled to Bali. In five weeks we got a little taste of that amazing island.

One of our last evenings in the northern part of the island we paid a visit to the neighbouring hotel. The hotel was such an amazing spot for watching the sunset. Standing there, taking a photo to capture the beauty we were surrounded by I saw a woman dressed in white. She caught my attention and awakened my curiosity. Who was she? We started talking and a bit later we were all gathered around the same table eating dinner together. She, her friend, me and my son.
That evening we spent a couple of hours together. Before separating we hooked up on Facebook.
” I always meet so many beautiful people while travelling, but few of them I meet again. That is part of the travelling life, I guess.” I was thinking to myself while heading back to our hotel. That night the full moon was our lantern.

“Never say never. ” That is so true. Be open and accept what’s coming. Then you can see how strange and mysterious life is.

November 2018 I contacted Dominique, and we had a long talk on the skype. Later we decided that she should come and visit me in Norway. During our few days together I just knew, she just had to be one of my guests. “On my couch series. “

Enjoy this little trip with her.
This great artist is planning to have a voice and movement workshop in Oslo in the first part of 2020.

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