The lesson of traveling light


Traveling light is not always a good idea, at least not as a blogger.

That morning, the first day of the Christmas holidays in Norway, I debated with myself while packing for my trip to Trondheim.

– Should I take the camera with me or travel light? I was borrowing a poor-quality cellphone. On the other hand, I had a lot on my “to-do list,” so there would not be any time for new photography projects. I would surely be better off using my limited free time to rest. In the end,I boarded the train leaving my camera at home.

On the train to Trondheim, I suddenly realized that Lisa Aisato, an incredible illustrator was sitting just a few rows behind me. I consider her one of Norway’s most talented illustrators. Each time I look at her drawings, I disappear into a magical world that touches me on many levels. My enthusiasm moved me to do something I rarely do. I approached her, told her how much I admired her work, and asked if I could interview her. Of course, my incredibly useless mobile camera did not want to cooperate.

So I did this short interview on Lisa’s mobile at the back of the train.

This encounter taught me a good lesson. As a blogger passionate about creativity, I should always be prepared. Who knows what unexpected encounters can show up along the way, like today’s meeting with Lisa? And if we had been somewhere quieter and I had been a bit more prepared, I would have definitively asked her:

– As a creative being, do you ever take a break from the creativity that flows through you as an artist?

Picture from Lisa Aisatos Instagram

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