He is the only person that has made me smile after I got fired from my job

The street perfomer who gives away money

In July 2011, my son and I went on a walking pilgrimage, and this is how it all started.

I once came across  “The pilgrimage,” a book by the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. In 1986, he went on a pilgrimage to Saint James of Compostella.  

The Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) is an extensive network of ancient pilgrimage routes that extend across Europe and come together at the tomb of St. James (Santiago in Spanish) in Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain. The most popular route is the Camino Francés, which stretches 780 km (almost 500 miles) from St. Jean-Pied-du-Port near Biarritz in France to Santiago.

After reading that book, I knew I wanted to walk the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage, but how could I motivate my son? He was ten years old at that time.

As you have gathered, we did walk The Camino de Santiago, and how did I manage to encourage him? I will save that part for my next blog post and visualize it with a slideshow.

During that hike, I met an artist from London, Alex Brew. Thanks to the book of Faces, we have kept in touch from time to time. Today she shared a tender video on her timeline, and I just had to forward it.

You can read the second part of this series here.


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