Downhills, uphills, cemeteries, snake and donkeys

Music; The spirit of Camino de Santiago by Pete Winter.

This post is the second part of a series—about our pilgrim walk in Camino de Santiago in Spain. If you did not read the first post, here it is. 

And how did I manage to motivate my son to walk 150 km, this will be the third part of this series, but before getting there, I would like to show you some pictures and share some memories from that Camino.

In retrospect, I view that trip as a walking meditation. As we left mile after mile behind us, words disappeared. We did not talk much. We would start the promenade after a simple breakfast around 06.30, and by the time we arrived at the next stop, it was time for dinner, and after that, bed was calling. I guess that happens when you walk 19-24 km every day for many consecutive days. Step by step, we passed through plains and forests, passing through cemeteries, old churches, and monasteries. I remember the details and emotions around me so vividly.

For example, how my son reacted to seeing a Spanish cemetery. In Spain, they bury their dead in standing showcases, unlike the Norwegian graveyards.

Traversing through open plains and watching animals grazing in the open landscapes gave farming another face and perspective. One particular morning, I recall the two of us passing by a pig slaughterhouse, and my son was horrified. We could smell the blood from there and hear the pigs terrified screaming. I had read somewhere that pigs know when they are going to be butchered. Experiencing the mixture of blood smell and the screaming of terrified pigs was a pretty gruesome experience. At the same time, it was a good lesson about the meat we consume and where it comes from.  

Another memory is from after lunch one day; we were pretty exhausted and still had many km ahead of us, and suddenly I pushed my son aside. From the corner of my eye, I saw a snake, exactly where my son was going to put his next step. If I had not reacted as quickly as I did, you can guess the rest.

Writing this blog post ensures I want to walk the entire Camino route, and there are so many routes on our blue planet that I would like to explore. What about you? Do you enjoy hiking? Where is your favorite Camino so far?

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