The naked truth

El Hijo de Antiplano, Nación Ekeko

The naked truth has occupied my mind lately. What is the naked truth? Nowadays, in our complex global world, I feel it is almost impossible for me to know what goes on behind the scenes. Anyway, in the video above, I share my thoughts on the naked truth. I would like to hear what you think is the naked truth as well, and how do you know when something is real or right? I also share a song that I believe to be very beautiful. I share it to lighten such a severe topic with slightly different emotions.

4 thoughts on “The naked truth

  1. What is the naked truth is a good question. I think many things we can figure out what the basic truth is even if some details may be uncertain. Consider reputation, credentials, and self interest or lack thereof. Does a narrative make sense or are there inconsistencies. Is there corroboration from other sources, documents, or prior statements. You can even discern what likely happened in sexual assault cases where it is a “he said, she said” situation. Evaluating the credibility of info over the internet can be analyzed in the same manner although it can take a lot of effort.

    When we doubt that we can know the truth, the ones pushing lies and “alternative facts” have won.


    • I like agree to what you say “When we doubt that we can know the truth, the ones pushing lies and “alternative facts” have won.” A friend of mine recommended Malcolm Gladwell, after listening to my blog post, the naked truth. I didn’t know him before, but after listening to a couple of his videos, I recognized his reasoning. Do you know him and heard him?


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