I am a woman & Happy women’s day

Two days ago, I discovered Naomi Wachira,  a Kenyan-born, Seattle-based Afro-Folk Singer & Songwriter. Then came the idea; let me contact her and ask if she would like to participate in an International Women’s Day interview. And with this interview and Naomi’s song “I am a woman,” I will congratulate all my fellow sisters on our day.  

How old were you when you started with music?

– I started singing when I was about 5yrs old. My dad was a Pastor, so it all started in the church for me.

Why did you choose music as a way of expression?

– I honestly believe music chose me. My mother says that I started singing before I could talk so it was clearly in my blood. It did take me a while, 35 years to be exact, to finally embrace this path, but I know it is my life purpose. One of the privileges of using music is how it has the ability to create an expansive space for people to think, meditate, contemplate, and be inspired.

Today, the 8 of March, is International womenś day. How are you going to celebrate the day?  

– It’s been such a weird year that to be honest I haven’t thought much about it. I’ve been home in Kenya and so being with my mom will definitely carry those themes of being grateful for her and for the work she does with orphans and widows.

How has being a woman formed your life? 

– I definitely love the nurturing aspect of being a woman. Even before I was a mother, I loved to nurture my friends. I love the strength and resilience I have that has allowed me to endure some incredibly difficult moments in life. 

Do you have a message for women and men around the world on this day?

– Each and every one of us has the ability to make an impact by how we choose to live our lives. Among the many lessons I’ve learned over the pandemic is that life is an inside job and if we pay attention to our internal world, heal those wounded parts of us, we can then embody all of our power and creativity. 

Could you please suggest one of your songs, on a day like this? The International Women’s day.  

– Yes! It’s called I am a Woman.

Why did you choose exactly this song?   

– Because it fits perfectly with what this day stands for. To celebrate women as pillars of strength, power, and creativity. But also to remember those women who are war-torn countries who are still trying to find ways to care for their families. 

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