The world’s northernmost medieval cathedral

Did you know the world’s northernmost medieval cathedral is in Norway?

“Trondheim, or Nidaros (as the city used to be called,) was in medieval Northern Europe’s most important pilgrimage destination. Pilgrims came here from far and wide to visit the tomb of Saint Olav. Today, the pilgrimage tradition is revived, and pilgrims flock to Nidaros Cathedral again. Nidaros Cathedral was started in 1070 and was completed in all its glory around the year 1300. After several fires and lack of maintenance, the cathedral was in deplorable condition at the beginning of the 19th century. In 1868, the cathedral was rebuilt as a national symbol, and the great work began the following year. The restoration of Nidaros Cathedral has been going on for 150 years, but around 30 craftsmen are still continuously working on various national shrine projects. Nidaros Cathedral is the northernmost Gothic medieval cathedral in the world. A visit to the cathedral is experienced differently through the different seasons. In autumn and winter, it is easy to be fascinated by the thousands of small and large sculptures in soapstone, which gives the cathedral a mysterious expression in the dark season. You can experience a great light inside the cathedral when the sun shines through the colorful rose window in spring and summer.” They write on the official website of the Nidaros Cathedral.

In February 2021, I visited Trondheim, and as always, I had to pay a visit to Nidaros Cathedral. There I met Magne, who is working at the cathedral as a guide, and he was willing to answer some questions for my blog.

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