Wonder Women

I did this interview in Norwegian, but it is subtitled in English. If you are looking at a mobile phone, press the three dots at the very top, on the right side of the screen, and there you will find subtitles. On a regular PC Mac, you will find the subtitle under settings.

Do you want to look like a movie star? Or Cover Model? Do you want classic boudoir pictures? Maybe you own the most fabulous dress in the world that is always too nice to wear? asks June Witzøe on her website. She is the inventor of wonderwomen.no.
She has worked 20 years as a photographer and has extensive experience.

June is most passionate about the type of images that can create an illusion, such as a moment taken out of a movie. The opposite of documenting reality. The photos are edited, but June is concerned not to change much about the person, and the unique body of those who are photographed should not be manipulated. “If this is to be a real confidence boost, then you have to see for yourself and how great you are – no matter how you fit into today’s beauty ideal.”

Wonderwomen is a collaboration between photographer June with make-up artists Vibeke Sverre and Max Ying.

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