Taking a giant step back

Being a woman has shaped my life in many different ways, and the older I get, the more preoccupied I am with feminine wisdom. What is feminine wisdom, and why am I so interested in it, you might ask?

Yes, I am convinced that there is so much wisdom in us women who have been oppressed for many thousands of years by patriarchal governance, with a good deal of help from us women over the years.
I have an explicit understanding of what feminine wisdom is to me and how I use it in my everyday life. But as a believer in us humans being a choir with each of our voices, I had to hear other women’s points of view on this theme. And present their reflection and thoughts in a series of interviews.

Since I am now part of a women’s community working together on a book project, I decided to explore how they perceive feminine wisdom.

And the first voice of this feminine choir is the Megan Anderson. She is also a world traveler and blogger:

Please introduce yourself, your country of origin, & where are you living now?

– I am 36 years old and originally from Onalaska, Wisconsin, United States, but I am temporarily residing in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Describe yourself with 3 Words?

– Adventurous, World Citizen, Open

Do you have any favorite songs?

I love all the medicine music I listen everyday 🌱💚 a reminder of source.

How has being a woman influenced and shaped your life path and the person you have become today?

– It wasn’t until the past few years that I really fully embraced my feminine side.  Growing up I always felt more of a “tom boy” playing sports and trying to blend into society without standing out too much. I feel as a woman we are often told this, that we must try to fit into society and not stand out too much. Don’t speak out of turn and don’t share your true feelings. For most of my life I repressed and hid my softer feminine side. I always thought it was “best” to be tough, cold, and close off myself from my inner-self and others.  These last few years I have truly awakened my feminine side and embraced my gifts of inner intuition. Ultimately, I am seeing life through softer eyes while still speaking my inner truth.

If I say the word wisdom, what does that mean to you?

– For me world wisdom is taking a giant step back and looking at life from the bigger picture. I am just one minuscule part of the infinite universe and world wisdom is seeing that each one of us is connected in one way or another. Once we get past the physical, emotional, and spiritual differences of each being, we can come to realize that we are all just souls here having a human experience. We are ALL humans that are a part of this vast world, here to learn, to grow, to be better and that’s all that really matters. World wisdom is finding our soul purpose all while accepting and encouraging those around, rather than trying to control or change anyone. World wisdom is finding your path and moving on it with ease.

If I put it together with the word feminine, what does feminine wisdom mean to you?

– Feminine wisdom is embracing the more motherly and nurturing aspect of the world. Seeing the world from a more compassionate and intuitive light. Women are so nurturing and oftentimes we are pushed aside as too sensitive, but in reality this is one of our greatest strengths.  Feminine wisdom is embracing the powerful gift of sensitivity.

How can feminine wisdom be used in everyday life?

– The world needs more compassion, more forgiveness, more understanding, so it’s easy to bring this natural feminine characteristic into our everyday lives. If there is someone I disagree with or have a hard time relating to, I can always look at their point of view with a compassionate heart. Trusting our intuition is another perfect example of utilizing our feminine wisdom. How many times has your heart or a pit in your stomach given you an answer. We must learn to listen to our bodies as they are channels of great wisdom.

What are the colors that would symbolize feminine wisdom to you?

– For me, feminine wisdom is every shade of green. This represents Mother Earth and she is the ultimate example of feminine wisdom. I find so much clarity in my life while spending time and connecting in nature. In these moments of solitude it’s only me and her beauty. She is the greatest teacher and has all the answers we are seeking.  Feminine Wisdom is every shade of green.

By the way, my list “Vibes of the week” is now updated. Enjoy the music!

2 thoughts on “Taking a giant step back

  1. This a insightful post and interview. I love the photos especially the ones with green hills and a glacier in the valley and the photo of the ridge (location?) that looks like it is from the painted desert in Arizona. Here’s to feminine wisdom! 😃


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