Allowing the inner artist and creative expression to play

Allowing the inner artist and creative expression to play

Being a woman has shaped my life in many different ways, and the older I get, the more preoccupied I am with feminine wisdom. What is feminine wisdom, and why am I so interested in it, you might ask?

Yes, I am convinced that there is so much wisdom in us women who have been oppressed for many thousands of years by patriarchal governance, with a good deal of help from us women over the years.
I have an explicit understanding of what feminine wisdom is to me and how I use it in my everyday life. But as a believer in us humans being a choir with each of our voices, I had to hear other women’s points of view on this theme. And present their reflection and thoughts in a series of interviews. Since I am now part of a women’s community working together on a book project, I decided to explore how they perceive feminine wisdom by asking them the same questions.

And the second voice of this feminine choir is the Iunia Pasca. She is a world traveler and blogger. She is also the writer of “Through the world, towards me- a journal of becoming.” A book that is not yet translated into English.

Please introduce yourself, your country of origin, & where are you living now?

I am36 years old, and I was born in Romania. After 12 years of living & traveling to around 60 countries, I have now settled back in Romania.

Describe yourself with 3 Words?

Caring, present, happy

Do you have any favorite songs?

How has being a woman influenced and shaped your life path and the person you have become today?

I always say I discovered I was a woman mainly after turning 30, which coincided with finding I had a body. I was always connected to my mind, pushing myself intellectually ever since I was in school. In my twenties, I began connecting with my emotions, then exploring my relationship with divinity. Still, I never paid attention to my body’s role in the whole equation of my life. When I began reconnecting to my body, my female body, welcoming it to the table next to the other aspects of my being, that’s when I started feeling whole. And that’s also when I began changing my life path. It was so profound to start learning about myself as a woman, not just as a human being, that I wanted to shout it from the rooftops and support other women reconnect to themselves as well. I had lived my life beautifully up until that point, carving my path and making my own decisions, living life on my terms. But when I began connecting to the gifts I have as a woman, everything changed. I now feel whole, comfortable with my light and darkness, and in love with life!

If I say the word wisdom, what does that mean to you?

I see wisdom as the capacity to see life from a higher perspective, to rise above the drama, and see each situation from above. It is the power to live out my emotions fully while seeing myself from the point of detachment. Wisdom is cheering my human self on while knowing I am much more than my body and emotions. It is to be fully present and live life from my heart space, not only my headspace.

If I put it together with the word feminine, what does feminine wisdom mean to you?

Feminine Wisdom carries the attributes of connection to my body and heart, in addition to my mind and spirit. Feminine Wisdom is not afraid of darkness but knows that’s where power lies and goes right in, and then through it, travels on her heroine journey. Feminine Wisdom recognizes the connection to Mother Earth. It is our cyclic nature, in addition to the linear one. It is the power in our womb and heart in addition to our muscles and brain. Wisdom knows how to connect, collaborate, and living life from our heart will help us prosper together. The feminine Wisdom understands the importance of gentleness, touch, nurturing, trusting, surrendering, and beauty.

How can feminine wisdom be used in everyday life?

By interacting with Mother Earth in a way that is not harmful but respects all beings on this planet. By listening to nature and receiving her gifts. By allowing the inner artist and creative expression to come out and play. Without going into the fear of criticism or any societal limitations. By practicing deep listening and achieving so much acceptance of self, we don’t feel the need to judge others anymore. By connecting from the heart, we create a safe space where we can see, hear and feel each other, giving ourselves and others permission to be who we are.

What are the colors that would symbolize feminine wisdom to you?

I feel connected to red, gold, and white as different aspects of feminine wisdom.
Red, the color of our menstrual blood, represents the profound power and knowing, strength and fierceness, passion, and love. Gold connects me to the queen’s wisdom, who is comfortable to be seen and heard as she serves those who need her guidance. The gold of luxury does not come from material wealth but from the inner luxury of owning one’s value. And white is the color of truth, transparency, purity of heart, sheer beauty, and pure bliss for me.

2 thoughts on “Allowing the inner artist and creative expression to play

    • We have it both in us, the feminine (Yin= going inward, being receptive) and the masculine ( Yang= going outward, doing, action). But the world is ruled by this aggressive yang forces. Patriarchs who are not connected to their yin sides and look at all the wars & greed etc…

      So I agree with you, we need both. But you made me very curious, what is masculine wisdom to you?


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