Why do we adults take life so seriously?

I requested this interview on the spur of the moment. I apologize if the sound quality is a bit poor.

“I wanted to do something that helped me focus, and think less. That’s why I started with silk acrobatics,” Keziah Fontain told me during our first exchanges. I met her at the beginning of my trip to Peru. Such random encounters are strange.

It is as if The Great Mystery always eavesdrops on our conversations and thoughts, and pulls invisible energetic threads (that we are surrounded by, but do not see), and directs us to the people we are supposed to meet.

That day, my friend Jennifer and I were on our way to the Temple of the Moon, a place I visited often during my stay in Cusco. Jennifer introduced me to that Temple. It is a magical spot for meditation and contemplation. You can easily reach the Temple walking from the center of Cusco, and parts of the walk offer fantastic views of the city.

I often walked up there as a walking meditation, and arriving there, I allowed curiosity and a sense of wonder to shower me.

“Who built these archaeological sites? Who were those people? What was the Temple of the moon used as?” All these questions resulted in the blog post;

“What do we know about ancient history?” 👈You can read it here.

But back to Keziah, that day as we slowly walked uphill (the altitude in Cusco takes your breath away), we talked about playfulness.

“Where is the playfulness in adulthood, and why do we adults take life so seriously?”

Then, suddenly, I spotted a red ribbon. The striking color of the red silk thread hanging from the tree and the surrounding nature was eye-catching.

“Can’t we go closer and see?” I asked Jennifer. So we did, and there she was with her red silk ribbon. 

Keziah and her acrobatic silk dance matched the theme of our conversation so perfectly that I had to hear who she was and why she had chosen silk acrobatics. 

Because you do agree that playfulness has different shapes and forms, right ? 

And Keziah’s silk acrobatics not only require a good portion of self-belief and focus but also demands mindfulness. Or, as she put it, “thinking less and more focusing.” Children are a fantastic example of how to be present through play. That is why I found her work so aligned with playfulness.

I hope that the short interview inspires you. During my stay in Peru, I met other people as well, people who had felt the call to do something new and different. And by following their inner guidance, they had stepped into the unknown and created a fresh start for themselves. Since these kinds of people are inspirational fountains to me, I have conducted some other interviews.
I look forward to finishing editing the other interviews and sharing them with you.

“All I could do was dreaming” was my first interview in this serie. 👈You can watch it here.

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