The music used in this video is Tierra by Danit.

Since I arrived in Cusco, Peru, I have battling between two competing forces. The altitude and the cold.

The city of Cusco (located at 3400 meters above sea level) has literally taken my breath away. This was not the case during my previous visit. Last time I  was in Cusco I was already acclimatised, arriving from the world’s highest city, La Paz (Bolivia).  This time I travelled from Oslo (only 23 meters above sea level), so my body is really struggling. 

Last time I was in Peru was during the wintertime, so I thought I knew what I was ahead of me while I was planning this trip, but knowing with my head is one thing, and feeling the cold in my bones is an entirely different experience.  

So my days go like this: When I am not freezing, it is because I am climbing the city’s endless stairs and my shortness of breath is in focus. When I am not climbing stairs, the cold takes my entire body’s attention.

Anyway, the other day I walked around Cusco looking for warm Alpaca wool clothes. I couldn’t find anything I liked, but I did find an artist called Benjamin, and chatted with him about art and ayahuasca, the plant medicine known as the grandmother.

In the West, Ayahuasca is often regarded as a psychedelic drug, whereas plant medicine is an integral part of the culture in Peru.

By the way, I have now updated my vibration of the week. I hope you enjoy it. You can also visit my website and book an online coaching, sound, or body movement therapy session with me. If you have any questions about my services, please do not hesitate to email me. And I promise you; that I will not spam your inbox with endless emails.


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