Every cycle has an end

Since my trip is has come to an end, and I’m not ready to share my own experience, I asked Josie RavenWing (who has been working as a spiritual guide for the Casa over the last 19 years, and has dedicated her life to spirituality) if I could do an interview with her. For who could tell better about the Casa and what is occurring there?

I came in contact with Josie first time, October 2017. This was right after I had heard about Casa de Dom Inácio and João de Deus, known as John of God.

Shortly after my contact with Josie, I decided, I wanted her to guide me through my first 14 days, If I managed to make it to Abadiania.
Abadiania is the town where the Casa is and where I am staying at the moment. That is how I came to meet Josie and the rest of her group on January 22. 2018. During those two weeks, she introduced us (the group) to the different processes and protocols of the Casa and guided us through them.

Who is the man John of God, and how does he work?
John is known as a “full trance medium.” That is to say, he the man steps aside and goes into a sleep-like state while awake. In that state, he becomes a vehicle or instrument for a variety of spirits of light, called “entities” in Brazil, who “incorporate” through his body in order to be able to speak with us. Some are quite famous, such as King Solomon, the first spirit ever to incorporate in John when he was just a young boy; Dom Inacio (St. Ignatius), founder of the Jesuit order, and Francisco Xavier (Javier), one of Dom Inacio’s primary supporters in their lifetime. Others are not quite so well known, such as Dr. Augusto, who was apparently a Brazilian surgeon in the military in the 1800’s, and Dr. Oswaldo Cruz, another Brazilian who was key in the discovery of the yellow fever vaccine. There are about three dozen entities who take turns incorporating in John of God, but there are probably tens of thousands of other entities who are present at the Casa helping the many people who come to each session (averaging 1,500 to 2,000 visitors each day), and these entities continue working with the visitors for extended periods after they return home from the Casa. Most of these entities’ names are not known.

Can you tell us about what is Casa De Dom Inácio?
It is a spiritual healing center located in central Brazil in the state of Goias, about 2 hours drive from the capital city of Brasilia. Every Wednesday through Friday, it is open for morning and afternoon sessions, free of charge, for anyone seeking help and healing. It has been in existence approximately 50 years, and millions of people, first from Brazil, and now, increasingly from all over the world, have passed through its gate. The central figure of the Casa is John of God (Joao de Deus), who has dedicated his life to be available as an instrument for healing and help on multiple levels. Why is the Casa called after Dom Inácio? Because Dom Inacio (St. Ignatius of Loyola) is one of the most powerful entities who work there and is the patron saint of the Casa.

And why is this Casa placed in Abadiania?
When John of God was a young man, he traveled all over Brazil doing his healing work. For many reasons, this was quite taxing and challenging for him, but he continued anyway. Finally, his spiritual mentor, “Chico” Xavier, one of the most beloved and famous Brazilian mediums of channeled information, received a message from one of his own guides saying that John was to establish a permanent healing center and that that place was Abadiania.

How do you regard the difference between miracles and healing? Do entities (through John of God) do miracles or do they heal?
That is a fairly deep question but I will do my best to answer it from my own perspective.
Many people regard healing as primarily physical, although sometimes they include the emotional and mental aspects of their concept of healing as well.

For me, the words “heal,” “health,” and “healing” all derive from the word “whole” or “wholeness,” or ultimately, “holiness.” What I mean by that is that to my way of seeing healing, it is a state of knowing our own wholeness/holiness. That is to say, it is knowing through spiritual experience/discernment, not just conceptually, that who/what we really are is Spirit, Divinity, God-being, not material – despite the way we seem to appear.

Modern physics is approaching this spiritual knowledge from the scientific point of view, the knowledge that previously was only known to illuminated mystics. As physicists look more and more deeply at what we have called the physical or material universe, they are acknowledging that in fact, there is very little material substance (unless you could call light substance) composing what we call the material world.

So if we are in fact Spirit, then what we call healing is simply a recognition, a deep remembering, that we are already whole and holy, and that anything appearing to be inharmonious is a “case of mistaken identity,” a delusion that has come from the limited human, conceptual misperceptions.
Therefore, in relation to the Casa entities, over the years my growing sense of what they are really about is helping us come back to this inner realization of our innate wholeness, holiness, Oneness, and in that awareness, the body, mind or emotions appear to have been “healed.” But in actuality, we are simply seeing ourselves as more accurately as we truly are.

As for your question about if the entities do miracles: any time they can help a person overcome a limited perception of who they really are and expand their awareness into at least some degree of spiritual reality or “healing,” I feel that is indeed what one might call a miracle! We, humans, tend to be so locked into material perceptions, medical and scientific and other beliefs, that is truly wonder-full when the entities can help us, even if briefly, to move into some degree of spiritual perception.

John of God always says “I have never healed anyone. It is God who heals, through the entities/spirits of light.” I would add that the entities of the Casa assist us, on some level, in awakening to the God within that IS the wholeness/holiness of our being.

For a long time, I’ve been saying that the “medicine” of the Casa entities is Love. Love brings us back to the knowing of our wholeness and Oneness. Could there be a greater miracle than that?

What kind of people, do come to the Casa and what do they seek help for?
Every possible kind of person has come to the Casa, from most countries, races, religions, lack of religion, and of all ages. All are welcomed. And they seek help for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, as well as family/relationship, business, and even karmic issues.

What does spirituality mean to you?
There are so many ways I could say this, yet no words can truly encompass spirituality or Spirit! I could call it living in God Consciousness or Divine Love or knowing my True Identity, but these words won’t really mean much without someone having already had the experience of this. It isn’t religion, although the originators of all great religions certainly had the profound illumination that led to their lives being lived in a new way and trying to convey to others that they too could have the same illumination or realization. So for me, spirituality is that direct inner realization, and how one then proceeds to live “in this world” from out of that experience, out of the ongoing, outpouring of Love, Peace and inner Silence, free of judgment, hate, envy, fear and limitation of any other nature.

Is having faith is a very important part of believing? How can we humans work with our individual faith and have faith to the unseen world?

Ah, that is not so easy to answer, because people define faith in different ways. Most people “believe” what others have in some way taught or told them they should believe, either because others have had an actual experience that they want others to believe is possible for them, or they’ve read or been taught by someone else that we should believe such and such.

So belief doesn’t have much to do with most believers’ actual experience, although sometimes belief can lead us towards and to a direct experience of our own. But when one has an actual experience of something, then it is no longer belief, but rather, direct knowledge. Faith is somewhat similar, but has a more religious connotation when related to what you are calling the “unseen world.”

Many people have faith in Jesus, for example, because they were taught in their religion that if one did have such faith, then one could expect answered prayer. But Jesus himself actually tried to tell us that the Light they were perceiving in him is actually present in all of us, not just in him, and that we were to do as he did, ie turn to the Kingdom of God within our own consciousness and realize our Oneness, our Divine Identity.

That being said, I know that many people have had profound experiences through faith and belief, but the direct connection to the inner Kingdom gives us the actual experience of the “unseen realms” – at least, unseen through human eyes. So as always, individual experience is the great teacher.

How do you think we can integrate spirituality into our everyday life? Integrate what we experience here in our lives back home and in the societies where there is little room for spirituality?

My feeling is, that in order to do so, we need to have some kind of ongoing, daily spiritual practice that allows us to continue making deeper and deeper contact with the Divine essence of our being. Without that, it is very difficult to sustain whatever spiritual connection we have experienced at the Casa. For sure, we can also continue to ask the Casa entities to help us with this, but ultimately, we must each do our part.

However, in addition to what I recommended above, another wonderful way of integrating spirituality into daily life is the practice of service. The Casa work is a wonderful example of that. When visitors are sitting in the “current” rooms, they are not only receiving energy for their own benefit, but they are also giving of energy to all those attending the session, whether for the spiritual “surgeries/interventions,” blessings or consulting with the Entity.

So when we are at home, we can meditate, pray for others (including those we might call our “enemies” of self, family, community, nation, etc.), asking that they might be forgiven, helped and elevated in consciousness. Besides prayer, any act of service in the world is also beneficial spiritually, be it simply smiling at someone, caring in some way for the poor, ill and elderly, and via many other means of giving of our time and energy. This allows us to more and more become instruments of the Grace and Love of the Infinite Invisible.

At the end could you please tell us about you, who you are, and your background and how your journey to spiritual path started? You are a guide and also John of God´s assistant when he travels abroad over the last 19 years. What do you do back home when you do not work as a guide?

I am not anyone special. I, like many others, have had a deep longing since early on in life to know God and to somehow be of service to humanity. As far as my background, this desire to be of service showed itself in my pioneering work in dance movement therapy, then going on for a Master’s degree in Humanistic Psychology, and then further on into an exploration of various holistic healing modalities, including energy work, shamanism, etc. Always, I felt there had to be more to be discovered to provide a solution to human suffering. Eventually, this led me to the Casa, as well as into deeper and deeper explorations in spirituality and finally, to mysticism or direct experience of the Divine.
My work at the Casa began during my first trip there in 1998, when the entity Dr. Augusto spoke through John of God and told me he could see that a large part of my mission in the future would be to let people from outside of Brazil know about the Casa, and to then serve as a guide for those wishing to come. And so

I became the first North American (and one of the few non-Brazilian) Casa guides, and as of February 2018, have been a guide for 149 groups of people from all over the world. As part of letting people know about the Casa, a few years after I first went there, I wrote an in-depth book (my third published book) about the Casa called “The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus,” as well as doing many public presentations about his work, primarily in the U.S.
Within a few years of beginning my work at the Casa, John of God and the entities asked me to begin accompanying him John on his rare healing events outside of Brazil, and to oversee and direct the “spiritual surgeries/interventions” and “blessings” room during those events. So I did this twice in New Zealand, several times in Europe, once in Canada and I think it’s been 11 times in the U.S. It is a great privilege to do this work and to serve the many thousands who come to each of these events.
When I am home, I spend a great deal of time online answering questions about my upcoming trips to the Casa, and for those unable to go there in the near future, assisting them with getting distance healing from the Casa entities.
When I’m not doing all of that, I very much enjoy going hiking and generally spending time in nature, reading, meditating, and when time and opportunity permit, visiting with friends and family.

For those who are interested in learning more about Josie´s work, the trips to John of God, and options for distance healing, you can go to her website, www.JohnOfGod-brazil.net or or contact her directly via email at jravenwing@aol.com

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