Be the wonderful unique being that you are

The delightful book “A journey through the Rainbow and beyond” tunes into the energy of nine different colours. The seven colours of the rainbow plus rose and gold.

During my stay in Abadiania (January to March 2018) one day I paid a visit to the bookstore of Casa Dom Inacio. Standing in front of one the bookshelves I realised that I had just finished reading a little book called “A journey through the Rainbow and beyond.” Written by Ixchel. A lovely book that took me on a journey through nine different colours and their vibration. Some days later I had lunch with some ladies and guess what? One of the ladies around the table turned out to be Ixchel. And how did I meet her? Well, you can find out that by listening to the audio file above.  Since I loved her book I decided to introduce her and her work on my blog. Enjoy her and her reflections which I have decided to share in two different blog post. And if you did not read the first part of the interview, you can do it here.

Nicola Brown, you are also an art and sound therapist. How do you consider the role creativity plays in healing processes? 
-This is a very difficult question which I can only answer from my perspective. I have worked as a colour, sound and aromatherapist as well as using other modalities for many years.  I began life as a musician and worked also as a music teacher.  Music for me is and always has been, amazingly healing.  I remember as a child I would go to the piano when I felt sad or upset, and find that playing music would realign and harmonise me, through the connection to the natural order of things, that I talked about earlier.  Through music, I learnt early on that the Universe and the natural laws are very structured and that there are order and harmony within the apparent chaos.  I learnt that there are other dimensions and higher realities.  Rudolf Steiner said that when we are asleep at night we go to a vibrational place of colour and sound.  So I found that when I work with people with colour and sound, it is almost as though they are reconnected to something they already know, but have forgotten about,  bringing them a sense of peace and well-being.  Like finding one’s way home, as I believe that the higher realms where we all came from are of a higher frequency, a more delicate vibration.  Creativity, being about a connection to the Creator, in whichever sense that can be understood, is by its nature healing.  If healing is, as I believe, about becoming whole.

What is your suggestion for the people who have creative ideas, but never put them in action, cause there is always a devil sitting on their shoulder and whispering fearful words in their ear? How can they overcome that fear and all the nonsense that stops them from putting them in action?

-It seems to me that the best answer to this question is to go and have a sound healing or some sort of vibrational therapy, and try and move these blockages on and out so that one can get on with one’s true work!  Having worked with children and creativity for many years, I noticed that natural talents show up very early on in life. My natural talents were dancing and music, art and writing come a bit later. Having travelled the globe and searched all over the place to find myself, I eventually returned to all the things that I had been doing at the beginning of the journey, and realized that these were the things I had come here to do!  It seems we never think that we are good enough as we are!  I encourage all parents to observe their children and see what their natural talents appear to be and then nurture and encourage those talents, but without pushing.  Maria Montessori had great ideas about this.  It would so have helped if our parents had been able to do this, instead of trying to push us as children into things and careers that they thought would be good for us.  As a music teacher, I would always ask my pupils  “What is your dream, apart from the dream which your parents have for you?”  They would tell me their deepest dreams about who they wanted to be and I would say “Go for it!  Live your dream.  Be the wonderful unique being that you are.”  I believe that this is the most healing and creative thing that you can do. Be truly yourself!

 How does sound help healing?
-Music is made of rhythm, melody and harmony.  Instruments that are used for healing, such as the crystal bowls, work more with frequencies of sound.  Each person is a vibratory being.  We are made of energy, as is everything in the Universe and beyond.  Vibrations in our physical or energetic bodies can become blocked.  When something becomes blocked, there is no vibration or movement.  Energy stagnates and produces illness as compared to wellness.  The vibrations produced by the crystal bowls will push through energetic blockages until there is movement once more.  Rather as flowing water in a river or stream will strive to remove blockages, so that flow is restored.  Indigenous healers can see blocked energy as dark areas.  A healthy energetic body apparently looks like a fine golden web of light.  This was described to me by Bushmen healers in the Kalahari desert.  I find it a very beautiful image of natural wholeness.  A sound healer does not have to think about why these blockages have occurred, in fact, it is best if they don’t think at all!  They just set a healing intention and let the sound do its work.  It will flow to wherever it is needed.

Nicola Brown, Imagine you are standing on a scene and are given the freedom to talk about whatever that occupies you most. What would you talk about?
-If I was given the freedom to talk about what most interests me, I would talk about all the above topics, plus maybe some stories of my travels and all the amazing nature I have seen, and all the fascinating people I have met along the way.  And probably about the profound heart wisdom that I have currently been learning from indigenous healers in Peru, as these have been the most recent teachings that I have received.   Life is one amazing journey!

2 thoughts on “Be the wonderful unique being that you are

  1. Excellent article! Having known Nicola for a few years, I have experienced healing with Nicola and her crystal bowls. She is a truly gifted individual . It’s a nice way of introducing her to the wider world with your interview. Thank you! I much enjoyed it.


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